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We seek architectural vision which originates from the particular features found in every design task and its environment. Thus we attempt to create places that are meaningful, which we believe to be the mission of architecture. We examine the varied scope of building through trial and error trying to find a solution that fulfills the needs and creates the final form that reaches the emotional level.

Our office has experience on a broad range of design tasks. Design commissions range from urban planning to small scale detailing. The emphasis in our work has been on designing public buildings.


AFKS   Arkkitehdit Frondelius+Keppo+Salmenperä Oy

Kalevankatu 39 00180 Helsinki Finland

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The office was established in 1998 by Jari Frondelius and Jaakko Keppo, after winning the architectural competition of Korso church and parish center. Today there is three partners in the office: Jari Frondelius, Jaakko Keppo and Juha Salmenperä. All together the office employs eight professionals.

Memberships: The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL), partners are members of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).

Quality control system by The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL)

Tools: Revit Architecture

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 Jari Frondelius architect MSc +358-50-5897929 frondelius [at] afks [dot] fi

Jaakko Keppo architect MSc +358-50-3574153 keppo [at] afks [dot] fi

Juha Salmenperä, architect MSc +358-41-5231970 salmenpera [at] afks [dot] fi


Soile Heikkinen architect MSc, landscape architect  heikkinen [at] afks [dot] fi

Emmi Järä architect MSc  jara [at] afks [dot] fi

Tommi Kantanen architect MSc +358-40-4182689  kantanen [at] afks [dot] fi

Linda Salo architect MSc  salo [at] afks [dot] fi

Jalo Sippola architect MSc  sippola [at] afks [dot] fi

Matti Sten architect MSc  +358-50-4686027  sten [at] afks [dot] fi


Gunilla Björkqvist, Xiang Ding, Mari Haavisto, Eeva Halonen, Juuso Hatakka, 

Erno Heikkola, Putte Huima, Tony Kajasviita, Madleena Larivaara, 

Mikko Liski, Tommi Mauno, Pertti Noponen, 

Saara Nuutila, Marko Pulli, Olli Raila, Noriyuki Sawaya, Anna Sirola, Okko Vaara



AFKS Architects

Kalevankatu 39 00180 Helsinki Finland

afks [at] afks [dot] fi T +358-9-2788788


Helsinki Ice Hall

Preliminary designs for future use of the legendary ´Nordis´-arena

Energy efficient daycare center

Vaaralanpuisto daycare center will be the first nearly zero-energy building for the City of Vantaa. Construction work will start next summer.

Modular daycare center

Kurkimoisio daycare center is the first realization of the new modular daycare center concept AFKS has been innovating for the City of Helsinki.

Painiitty daycare center

Painiitty daycare center is completed!

New AFKS film

Viikinmäki Quarter House film by Antti Seppänen. Enjoy!

Viikinmäki in ARK 2/2015

Viikinmäki Quarter House presented in Finnish Architectural Review ARK.

New AFKS premises

3/2015: New premises in Kalevankatu 39.

Viikinmäki completed

Viikinmäki Quarter House is finally completed! School and daycare activities will start in January.

Hiirisuo completed
AFKS film

AFKS video by Antti Seppänen (2011)